Unique and reflective designs that compliment the lifestyles of today .

Whether you prefer an explosion of color or something subtle, I design pieces that you can wear on special occasions, to the office or everyday.

From classic to vintage,  casual to trendy each piece is created using the finest stones, precious metals and pearls. Whether you are comfortable wearing one piece or layering them for a dramatic effect the designs are unique.

On occasions where the gift required must be timeless and considerate...where the gift is more than the thought but the feeling or emotion behind it... my personalized designs reflect everything you want to say.

My web site is designed to show my pieces in a layered format.   Find a design you like, click on the picture see my suggestions or create your own look. Wear one piece if your day is casual or multiple for a dramatic effect.

s u s a n   f u r s t m a n   d e s i g n s

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